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Personal Training

"Jennifer is an excellent personal trainer. I have always enjoyed exercising but after giving birth I suffered from abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti), umbilical hernia and my pelvic floor was very weak. I wasn’t sure as to what type of exercise I could do to get fit again and at the same time to ‘heal’ my body after having a baby. Jen’s expert knowledge about post pregnancy exercise gave me a lot of confidence and slowly with her help I started feeling stronger and fitter and my muscle separation started healing too! Apart from being very knowledgableJen is also very personable and positive. She gets ‘straight into action’ and makes you work out hard to achieve your goals. She is also always happy to help with my baby and give it a cuddle so I can carry on with my exercise - no excuses there :) . Finally Jen puts a lot of effort in designing and preparing bespoke and varied sessions, every single session is different and incorporates different type of exercise from boxing, weight training to working out with elastic bands - so you can never get bored! She is also excellent in designing a ‘partner work out’ so if you have a friend who would like to get fit you can do it together which is a lot of fun! I already recommended Jen to a couple of my friends and I would recommend it to you too! Good luck Ania"

— Ania Kowalska, Post Natal Personal Training

"Jen is warm, kind and a fantastic PT! I really enjoyed losing weight with her. The sessions were always different, things were constantly changed up so I never got bored and each exercise was tailored to my strength and ability. Jen really took the time to understand my goals and worked really hard to help me achieve them. She’s also great with babies, which means you can fully focus on ‘you’ for an hour! Would highly recommend!"

— Serena Grabiner 1:1 Personal Training and Mama Restore and Revive

"Jen has helped me get back into shape after having a baby and suffering from diastasis recti. I’ve really enjoyed our sessions - Jen makes them varied and  fun, and as well as being knowledgeable about post natal body issues, she’s a brilliant motivator, and great company to boot. I can’t recommend her enough!"

— Hannah Steadman, Mum to 11 month old Freya 1:1 Personal Training

"I trained with Jen for about 5 months since my baby was 3 months old, I hadn’t trained in a long time and wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, especially with such a small baby. I’m so glad I decided to do it! Jen is a fantastic PT, she is very lovely and great with babies. Jen is also very professional and is always prepared with personalised work outs every time, the work outs are always fun and challenging enough and you can tell she knows what she is doing. My baby was always happy around her and I throughly enjoyed working out with her. I strongly recommend her!! Carol"

— Carol Reyes, Mum to 10 month old Sofia - 1:1 Personal Training

"Jen has helped me get back into exercise after my second baby and I feel stronger than I have in years thanks to her. She's so friendly and encouraging and really knows here stuff when it comes to training after having a baby. I can't recommend her highly enough"

— Lyndsey Pino Mum to 1 year old Oscar 1:1 Personal Training

"Jen is fantastic, really professional and an excellent motivator for returning to fitness post-birth.  The workouts are varied and enjoyable.  I would really recommend her"

— Catherine Burnham - Roy - mum to 1 year old Partho 1:1 Personal Training

Mama revive and restore

"I have nearly completed the mama revive and restore course for a second time as I have absolutely loved the class!
Jen is a fab teacher, very patient, friendly and professional and ensures the class is suitable for all abilities.
My baby also loves attending the class, sometimes he joins in and sometimes he has lots of cuddles with Jen!"

— Jenna Cook, mum to 5 month Husdon Mama Revive and Restore

"Excellent course to introduce mum's back into fitness. Jen is highly professional, approachable and a great class leader."

— Jessica Clark, Mum to 3 month old Frank. Mama Revive and Restore Course


"I contacted Jen at the end of January, in a slight panic, to ask for her help in training for a half marathon I had signed up for8 weeks later. I had a 9 month old at the time and my fitness levels weren't great and nowhere near where they needed to be. From the very first contact she was fantastic, friendly and professional, but not intimidating. She gave me confidence and made me believe that if I put I the hard work, I could do it. She created a training plan for me and we stuck with it over the following weeks. Having someone call at the house and collect me for training made a massive difference. I didn't have to find the extra motivation to get to the gym or go out on my own, she came to me. She is always enthusiastic and positive and really made the training an experience. She also checked up on me over the weekend, whenever I had independent runs scheduled and I felt incredibly supported. I achieved the half marathon without injury, something that would not have been possible on my own. I'm determined to try and keep up my fitness and will definitely use Jen again to help with that! Jen is a fab personal trainer and a lovely person and I would recommend her without hesitation" 

— Kate Morgan, mum to Artie and Mollie. 1:1 Run coaching

"If you are wondering if the beginners' runners course is for you - I can tell you that it is! 10 weeks ago I can honestly say that I had never ever run before, in fact, I would rather miss a bus than run for it. Fast forward to yesterday and I am proud to say that I ran 5km non-stop at the Tooting Park Run (it was also my 50th birthday.!). I could never have imagined that this was possible but with Jen's support and encouragement and the structure of the programme, I did it! Jen's positivity is infectious and each week you realise that you can run much more than you thought you could. If I am totally honest, I dreaded the first session and wasn't even sure if I was going to turn up, but I am so glad I did and can even say that I began to look forward to the weekly runs. This was in part because of my fellow beginner-runners who are just the most amazing and supportive group of women that I have been lucky enough to meet and call friends. Completing the 5km together as a group was a fitting end to the beginners' course and an achievement that I am very proud of. Although the course has now ended, our group aims to continue our weekly runs - who knows how far we'll be able to run after another 10 weeks?"

— Kath Williams, Streatham Beginners Running course ​

"I just finished Running for beginner course. As I have been non runner for years I approached course very carefully and taking a step by step....often thought ( in the mid of course) this is my max.
Somehow with Jennifer's great support and great group of supportive, funny and lovely ladies I made it till end. Last Monday we run 30 minutes...non stop. Highly recommend."

— Orjana Coleman, 0-5k Beginners running course

"Wow where to start...the last 10 weeks have been fantastic. From week 1 to week 10 Jennifer provided confidence building advice support and fun. What a great course and a great mentor who really knows what she is talking about. I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking about running. The women I have met have been fantastic and provided support and so many laughs and new friendships based around running! I can't wait to continue my running journey and looking forward to Jennifer starting a run fit club in Streatham!!!! ( getting the hint yet Jen?!)"

— Laura Turner, 0-5k Beginners running course

"I’ve just completed Jen’s beginners course for running and I am so glad I signed up for it, it’s been amazing. I’ve gone from really disliking running to actually quite enjoying it and to top it all I now can run for 30 minutes when before all I could manage was 30 seconds! Highly recommend this course for beginner runners. I’ll be joining Jen for her Run fit course now"

— Sarah Rickwood Beginners Running Course

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