HCR(R) Diastasis programme

HCR(R) Diastasis programme


Our first session will be  90 mins and will include a deep pre-screen and assessment where we look at postural alignment, breathing technique, areas of imbalance / muscle tightness and appropriate exercises. The programme is progressive, meaning the exercises will be adjusted as you regain strength.


We will meet on three occasions after the initial assessment over a period of around two months.  In these sessions I will go through the exercises checking form and progress.  I will set 'homework' of no more than 15mins which you will benefit from greatly if performed at least 4 times a week. As with any training programme, you will see limited progress if you don’t work outside our sessions together.


You will be provided with an exercise kit that you will need for the programme. This will consist of exercise bands, a small pilates ball and an education booklet.


The programme has a strong focus on you, enabling your body to heal its diastasis from the inside out. We will work on strategies for helping you rest and de-stress (stress can cause high cortisol levels which can, in turn, hinder the post natal healing process and cause you to hold fat around your middle).


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    All places on the workshop are non refundable.