A great way to boost your fitness goals so you can feel strong confident and healthy this summer.

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A great way to boost your fitness goals so you can feel strong confident and healthy this summer.


  • 28 day meal planner and nutrition advice together with recipe options

  • 4 online workouts per week to do in the comfort of your own home

  • Beginners and Intermediate options

  • Post-natal safe

  • Private Facebook support group throughout the 28 days


Anyone looking to make a change to their dietary habits and exercise routine.
Also those seeking to lose fat, gain energy and build strength and fitness. 

Not suitable for anyone pregnant and may not be suitable with certain medical conditions.


In order to reach your goals you need a plan. Our 28 day challenge includes:

4 Workouts per Week 2 of which will be HIIT cardio to optimise weight loss and the other 2 will be resistance to help tone and build strength. The workouts are circuits so that you can just do once if you are pushed for time or repeat as many times as you like to fit it into your daily routine. The HIIT workouts are designed to burn more calories in less time. You won’t need any equipment apart from a resistance band. You can get these from Decathlon or Amazon (Meglio is a good quality brand). Apart from this you will just be using your body weight or everyday household objects.


Warm Up and Post Workout Stretching Guide It’s so important to make sure you warm up and cool down and stretch to ensure you don’t get injured and lets face it, everyone loves a good stretch and relax at the end of a workout.


Weekly Meal Planner Healthy eating made easy. Delicious, simple and quick meals to fit into your busy life. You will have options so that you can customise to your own preference. The plans have been specially designed by a Nutritional Therapist to give you balanced nutrition helping you to lose weight whilst being super easy to follow. Vegan and Vegetarian Options are included.



It’s one thing to say you’re going to stick to an exercise and healthy eating routine—and another to actually do it.


Printable Weekly Planners You are more likely to succeed if you are organised. These weekly schedules will enable you to plan what you will eat each week, at what times and when you will do your workouts.


Weight and measurement tracking It’s totally up to you but if you wish to you can input your weight and measurements at the beginning of the challenge on a file on facebook. It’s always so rewarding and motivating to see how much weight or inches you have lost.



We've got your back. We're here to lift you up when you get down and to help you along every step of your fitness and nutrition challenge. Break old habits with focussed support to keep you on track.


Private Facebook Group Meet other women, share experiences, recipes, photos, challenges, and triumphs along the way.

Support We're here to answer any questions or queries you might have.

Daily Nutrition challenges and tips Maximise your results with our healthy recipes and tips. Posted to the facebook page each day.

Invest in your Health. You deserve it!


Invest in yourself and reserve your spot for our 28-Day Summer Body Kick-Start Plan so we can show you how to lose weight, burn fat, and build lean muscle.  Invest in your health for 28 days and you will find this does what it says on the tin…. Kick start you to feel more energised, happier, less stressed, and more confident and more likely to continue this new way of life.


Starts Mon 29th April through to Sunday 26th May 2019

ONLY £45

Please ensure you have read and agree to the Disclaimer before booking.